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The Orphek OR3 Blue Plus LED bars in our DaniReef LAB – Review

We tried the Orphek Blue Plus in OR2 version and we were very curious to test the new OR3 version to see how they’ve been updated. Many parts of this review are identical, or pretty similar,...

SCHEGO Heater: Slimline Titanium PTC 600w: Incredible

During Interzoo 2022 in Nuremberg, we met the sales managers of the German company Schego. They presented some new products from their catalog, which specializes in heaters, aeration pumps, and accessories for aquariums and ponds....

Simplicity DC 240 Skimmer Unboxing, Installation and Review

Hello reefers! For this video, I got my hands on Simplicity’s DC240 skimmer. I have been really loving Simplicity’s approach to the hobby, which is making quality products affordable, so they are accessible to everyone....

Nano Tank Profile: Colorful & Hardy Corallimorphs

Studio 12 Recently, a  new hobbyist asked me to provide recommendations for a simple, hardy system with low energy consumption.  Many are interested in these types of systems due to increased costs in today’s economy,...

Coral exclusive! Spawning from home: the Future of our Industry?

This video is something that we are extremely passionate about and have been working on for many months. After intense waiting, tons of driving, and extensive editing, here it is! Little background story to start...

Growth Update #2! A Huge Change in Just One Year!

Here are another couple great shots from Joe Yauillo, curator and co-founder at Long Island Aquarium. Can you believe the difference?!

Monday Archives: Acropora Nasuta, Purple On Green

There is something spectacular about contrasting polyp pigments against main coloration on Acropora species.  The striking color differences pull the eye into the detailed polyp structure often over looked on single colored corals.  The Acropora...

1 Year Growth Update!

Joe Yauillo, curator and co-founder at Long Island Aquarium, has been sharing some beautiful growth updates from his reef tank. How many corals can you identify? Comment below!