RNN Episode 83 – The Fragger’s Guide to the Galaxy Pt. 2

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Tuxedos, Reef Surveys and Fragger’s Guide to the Galaxy Pt. 2. Peter is claiming victory over his algae outbreak and getting ready to add some new coral to his system! Jeremy installed his light reactor, added new clean-up crew to the 265. All this and more on Episode 83 of the Reef News Network.


Peter– Climate-fueled storms pose an increased threat to reefs already facing a slew of environmental challenges.

Jeremy– This week, ORA announced the debut of an especially desirable invertebrate destined to wage war on the algae in your marine aquarium. ORA has recognized that they are producing two distinct color morphs of this attractive urchin species. The first they’ve dubbed the Blue Tuxedo Urchin, which they note showcases darker blue and appears to be almost a blue and purple color form.

Main Topic: Fragger’s Guide to the Galaxy Pt. 2 Last time we covered the ground work and most of the tools and general game plan for getting ready to sell at an event. Now we are going to take a closer look at the finer details that will help you have the highest odds of a successful event.

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