Innovative Marine completes their Fusion Nano AIOs with new 18w Skkye Light LED

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IMG_0628.jpgEarlier this summer, Innovative Marine introduced their Nuvo Fusion Nano AIO aquariums (read more about these systems).   The Fusion Nano aquariums represent one of the best values for both nano enthusiasts and new aquarists looking to begin their experiences in our hobby without breaking the bank.  Starting at only $99, the Fusion Nanos include high-end features such as:

  • 6mm high-clarity low iron glass
  • Rimless top
  • Mesh screen top with clips
  • Built-in overflow
  • Rubber leveling mat
  • Removable 3-stage filter basket
  • Compartment for optional protein skimmer (the IM SkimMate Ghost Desktop is designed to slip perfectly into this compartment)
  • Variable output return pump
  • Flexible hose and return elbow with directional flow nozzle


    The New 18W Skkye Light

    The one thing Innovative Marine did not offer was a lighting system purposely designed to fit them.  Innovative Marine will soon fill that void with their new Skkye Light 18W LED, a minimalistic, sleek form-factor light (and mounting arm, included) that provides plenty of PAR for most corals while complimenting the modern aesthetics of the Fusion Nano AIO product line.


    Innovative Marine describes their Skkye Light 18W:

    Pair off your Fusion Nano with the new stylishly slim SKKYE Light 18 watt LED clamp. Specifically designed for the Fusion Nano 10 & 20, this clamp light may also be used with other rimless aquariums for a space saving form factor and pure minimalism. Each clamp boasts 6 x 3 watt LEDs (3 x 10K and 3 x 456nm) that gives the Clamp 18 a powerful 18 watt light output. Alternating LED color pattern blends a unique color spectrum that meets the needs for fish only or reef aquarium.



    The LED light features:

    • LED Watts: 6 x 3 Watt
    • Color: 3 x 10K and 3 x 456nm
    • Current: 600mA
    • Single Light Cycle
    • Passively cooled
    • Quick power disconnect
    • Mounting Bracket: Fits on NUVO Aquariums Fusion Nano 10 & 20.


    The Skkye Light 18W will retail for $129.99.  Innovative Marine will also sell packaged Fusion Nano Premium Kits for both the 10 and 20 gallon systems.  These bundled kits include the the AIO system paired with one or two 18W Skkye Lights at a discounted price:

    • Fusion Nano 10 Kit MAP: $199.99 (1x Skkye Light)
    • Fusion Nano 20 Kit MAP: $399.99 (2x Skkye Lights)


    Innovative Marine published a clever promotional video highlighting the Nuvo Fusion Nano 10 gallon Premium Kit system. Three employees with varying experiences in reefkeeping were asked to set up a new reef to demonstrate how easy it is to get up and running with Nuvo Fusion AIOs.  We think all three did a wonderful job and IM succeeded in proving its point.  One of the three people in this video actually has absolutely no experience with reefkeeping whatsoever.  Can you guess who it is?


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