Clownfish are apparently Liberals

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In today’s strange news from California, a conservative group named The Pacific Justice Institute (no hyperlink on purpose) along with several parents complained about a elementary school gender diversity lesson that indicated that clownfish are in fact transgender.  Obviously these people have never lost half of a mated pair and purchased a replacement at the local fish store.  The unfortunate thing about these complaints, in my opinion, is that this ability allows clownfish (and a lot of other animals) to negotiate population problems and geographic remoteness.  So my question to the complainers is, if they were stranded on an island with only a bunch of other guys, would it be valuable if a few of them could naturally change to females?  The alternative is, well, you know.  LINK

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 Josh Saul

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  • Marcin Smok Marcin Smok says:

    I am banging my head in a concrete wall right now. Those people really have nothing better to do, I doubt they’ve even read some facts about clownfish.

  • Avatar createdlight says:

    The point of gender diversity as it relates to clownfish, is a mute one, as people were created in the image of God, and clown were not.

  • Avatar VitalApparatuz says:

    I was created in the image of my Mom and Dad .Lol

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