Two C.earlei Fairy Wrasses available stateside, but with a hitch

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Two C.earlei Fairy Wrasses available stateside, but with a hitch

Cirrhilabrus earlei “pair” for sale at Pacific Island Aquatics

The problem is the specimens being sold as a “pair” are both males.  While I personally have kept a male/female pair of Earlei Wrasses and can attest to their gentle temperament, I really don’t know if two males will coexist peacefully in one tank.  In my opinion, Pacific Island Aquatics should sell these individually.

Then there is the $2,500 price tag for the pair. However, this is actually a fair market price for this species.  Cirrhilabrus earlei are only available once in a blue moon.

If you’ve got the funds and the appetite for “holy grail” wrasses, find a friend with disposable income to split the “pair.”

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