Stuart Bertram’s 750-Gallon Reef Tank

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Stuart Bertram & his 750-gallon reef aquarium.

 In the middle of writing my book The Coral Reef Aquarium, I came across many extraordinary reef aquariums. In the book, I created a chapter titled “Reef Tanks From Around The World”. This chapter highlights many different types of reef systems, some of the most incredible systems in the world! As I gathered information and photos on these systems—I could only narrow my selection down to 45 for this chapter. These chosen reef systems are some of the most fascinating, with many unique qualities. 

Left side of 750


Right side of 750

   Stuart Bertram’s reef tanks appear twice in my book; once in the chapter mentioned above, and the next time you see one of his tanks is as a finale to the book. His reef tank was chosen as a “must have” for many reasons; size, coral diversity, fish diversity, and engrossing story line. Stuart Bertram’s 750-gallon reef aquarium—is large enough to be considered an aquarium exhibit— without exaggeration. This month his aquarium is featured in Coral magazine’s Aquarium Portrait (July/August 2011). Some photos of Stuart’s reef aquarium did not make it to the pages of the magazine and what better place to display them than here on His first design had this new aquarium coming through the wall invading more indoor real estate than anticipated. His significant other (Jill) did not appreciate losing this valuable indoor space to a “fish tank” (Spouse Factor, referring to the book). Now the aquarium sits comfortably in his home office. This system is 100% Deltec including this massive custom-built tank and stand. With the exception of the light system, which is custom-built by Giesemann—two 7-foot long T5 fixtures and three 400-watt metal-halide fixtures. This tank’s measurements are eight feet long by 30 inches high with a front to back of five feet. Stainless steel cables hold all four panels of glass together. 

Stainless steel cables hold all four panels of glass together.


Custom-built Giesemann fixtures.


Closed-loop system.

 Stuart has created an incredible work of art with this mammoth aquarium. Get more detailed information on Stuart’s 750-gallon tank in Coral magazine.

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  • Avatar Bradley J Syphus says:

    Breathtaking tank. My congratulations goes out to Stuart.
    His tank represents his equipment well.
    Outstanding equipment equals outstanding reef tank.

  • Marcin Smok Marcin Smok says:

    My camera would have an orgasm if it sees it

  • Avatar Tony Vargas says:

    Oh, just so you know, the sea salt use with this set-up is Deltec product as well.

  • Avatar TLO says:

    A true masterpiece! This is one of those systems that I have watched videos, read articles, seen in magazines and now soon to be read about in Tony’s new book. You just can’t get enough of a tank like Stuart’s! Tony is sooo lucky to be able to get a firsthand view. Awesome is just not good enough!!

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    Very impressive display, thanks for sharing!

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