Being a Better Reefer: Join the Tang Police, We Have Cookies!

By Jared Goldenberg 10 years ago3 Comments

An ancient society of hobbyists bent on depriving fellow reefers of their happiness.  When a proud hobbyist posts about their recent aquatic acquisition the Tang Police inevitably show up to crush hopes and dreams.  Who are these diabolical vampires of joy?  Are they really such bad people or do they just know something others have overlooked or even worse, ignored?

The fact is the “Tang Police” moniker should be something of an honor.  Our ranks are packed with some of the most elite reefers known to the hobby and new converts join daily.  While there is no manifesto guiding our actions the one common goal is helping others achieve success.  While some are more outspoken than others the one thing we all have in common is that we are just here to help.  Contrary to popular belief it has nothing to do with personal vendettas or keeping the common reefer down.

When fish are kept in unfavorable conditions such as a small tank or with other territorial fish that stress them, illness takes hold more easily.  This situation is easily avoidable, yet a small percentage of reefers persist even as their fish clearly decline.  Is it really so bad to be responsible with our livestock, preserving life and hard earned money simultaneously?

The Tang Police are currently recruiting, no application necessary.


 Jared Goldenberg

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Jared currently owns and operates Fluid Dynamics International, an ultra high end aquarium design firm based in NY.


  • VitalApparatuz says:

    Yeah I had some one tell me I shouldn’t have bought my yellow eyed Cole because I only have a 75g.Sheer silliness.The fact is that it seems like the temptation to be a preachy busy body rather than a helpful fellow aquarist is just too much for most people. So I say unless you see someone beating a fish against a desk or some other clear cut case of abuse just mind your own business.

  • Jared Goldenberg says:

    In terms of abuse, where’s the line between beating and extreme confinement?

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