Reef Balls Are Made Out of People.

By Jared Goldenberg 10 years ago1 Comment

It’s true, they are.  Initially, it sounds like something you would feed your corals or fish.  Maybe even a new powerhead or perhaps a new type of manmade rock?  That last guess would be close.

The company isn’t new but I happened to come across an article about Eternal Reefs and it piqued my interest again.  You can think what you want about the funeral industry but it’s definitely a novel approach that is at least considered “green”.  The company is based in Florida and the final resting reef is 1.5 miles offshore.  Personally, for the money I’d rather have my choice of reef somewhere else in the world but I doubt I’d put up much of a fight once I’ve been mixed with concrete.  If this is something you want your family to do for you you might want to set aside a few bucks as $2,995 gets you in the communal “reef ball” (as the article so elequently put it) and $6,995 (+$250 a head) gets you and 3 friends a private reef.  There are a few options depending on the package you purchase but all except the lowest include the ability for loved ones to decorate your humancrete reef with shells, hand prints (really?), messages, etc.  The memorials also get an individualized bronze plaque and GPS location so you can visit.

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