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For those of you that will be attending the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) next weekend, the Marine Breeding Initiative (MBI) has a set up a short presentation followed by a panel discussion.

Chad Penney will be giving a presentation on the overall goals of the MBI and how the site works.

Following Chad’s presentation, Richard Ross will lead a moderated panel discussion where attendees will be able to ask questions about captive breeding. Members of the panel will include: Rod Buehler (Rod’s Food), David Durr, Matt Pedersen, Chad Penney, Julian Sprung (Two Little Fishies), and Tal Sweet.

Put your thinking caps on and come up with some good questions for our panel! This event will take place at 1pm on Saturday, September 10, in Hall C. Please feel free to join us, ask questions, and hang out with others interested in captive breeding of marine ornamentals.


 Tal Sweet

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Tal got back into the hobby in 2006 after a long break. After hearing Dr. Frank Marini speak at the Midwest Marine Conference in 2008 he was hooked on fish breeding . Since then he has created his own website with his personal captive breeding information and helped create the Marine Breeding Initiative. It is Tal's hope to promote captive breeding as much as possible by speaking and writing about the topic.

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