September 2011’s Most Popular Posts

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September 2011's Most Popular Posts

September 2011’s most popular posts!


The Definitive Ecotech Radion Preview

Apologies for the pretentious title, but we wanted to grab your attention. Starting this weekend, you will read a lot about Ecotech’s new LED light. Advanced Aquarist put a lot of effort to bring you the the most comprehensive Ecotech radion preview. A treasure trove of photos and information after the jump (not for the bandwidth-challenged). Read more…

MACNA preview: Ecotech officially announces Radion XR30w LED Light

Speculations have been swirling about Ecotech’s highly anticipated new LED lights for several weeks now, but Advanced Aquarist prefers to leave the rumor mill for others. Well, we now have the official word! Ecotech has issued a full press release on their new radion XR30w, chock-full of juicy information. Read more…

Orphek issues statement regarding Mike Maddox, et al.

In response to the controversial discussions currently taking place pertaining to Mike Maddox’s Captive Aquatics blog about the Ecotech radion, Orphek has issued a statement to clarify its position on the issue. Read more…

Thieves Caught On Tape Stealing Rare Corals and Drygoods

Surveillance cameras at Bio-Reef, Inc. in Jacksonville, FL caught three thieves stealing live corals and drygoods totaling a reported $30,000. The Jacksonville police department has not yet publicly released the video, but Advanced Aquarist hopes to share this video as soon as it is available to catch these crooks. Read more…


Proof positive SPS corals consume zooplankton 

From Marine scientists currently have reached a general consensus about how corals take up nutrients, which ranges from dissolved nutrients to megazooplankton, and have shown the importance of a variety of nutritive sources for coral growth and survival. A group of scleractinian corals however has remained controversial: the small polyped stony corals, commonly referred to as SPS corals. These animals are often wrongly believed to simply rely on strong lighting and dissolved inorganic nutrients. Read more…

Breathtaking Large Reef Aquarium from Amsterdam, Holland

“Estherea Reef” is one of the most beautifully aquascaped, healthy, mature, large reef displays Advanced Aquarist has seen. There is really no shortage of flattering adjectives we can use. But instead of words, we invite you to watch three high-quality videos of this amazing Dutch aquarium. Read more…

The love child of a Zoanthid and a Hammer Coral [updated]

Shared on Here is an incredible mutation of a Zoanthid colony exhibiting Hammer-like tentacle tips. Read more…

Ever wonder what a LFS in Israel looks like?

I always enjoy visiting local fish stores in my travels, especially when I am in a foreign country. The local selection and cultural differences often result in unique shopping experiences. Here is a HD video of a newly opened Israeli LFS named Perfect Reef. Read more…


Activated carbon affirmed as causative agent for HLLE disease

Smoking gun #2: GAC = HLLES. Following Jay Hemdal’s (et al.) earlier peer-reviewed study linking Head and Lateral Line Erosion Syndrome to the use of granular activated carbon, a new study affirms carbon causes HLLE. Read more…

Self-described World’s Smallest Aquarium

Nano? Pico? Or some new descriptor we haven’t come up with yet. Russian artist Anatoly Konenko specializes in miniature art and has built a half-thumb-sized glass box aquarium that holds just 10 milliliters (2 teaspoons) of water! Read more…

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