Zoanthids “Out of the Dark” Free wallpaper

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Click meI am really into dark, spooky images where one or two colors dominate the scene and create a specific mood to the viewer’s eye. I decided to somehow replicate that effect in coral photograph. I’ve chosen a zoanthid morph growing in my tank that has blue-ish center and green skirt, and using a blue gel filter on my flash, I took that exposure. I purposely underexposed the whole scene to create an illusion of polyps coming out of the dark.


Equipment: Nikon D7000 with Tamron 90mm lens, external flash. Settings: Aperture=f/22, Exposure time 1/100s, ISO:125


For all readers of reefs.com blog, I am releasing this image as a free wallpaper. You can download full size version here: http://photoreef.com/wallpapers/zoanthidswallpaper.jpg (click right mouse button and click Save image as…)

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