November 2011’s Most Popular Posts

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November 2011's Most Popular Posts

November 2011’s most popular posts!


Vibrant SPS reef aquarium from Kuwait

Reefkeeping is a global passion. Here is a marvelous Kuwaiti 650 liter (~170 gallon) reef aquarium filled with extremely colorful and mature SPS corals of all shades, shapes and sizes. Read more…

Fragging Acropora: Extreme Edition 

Machado deSousa practices some “micro-fragging” at his 8000L (2000+ gallon) Portugal coral farm. Whereas most SPS frags are cut from 1/2″ up to 2″, deSousa grows out his frags from single polyps! Watch as he shows how it’s done. Read more…

Octopus Ambassador

“I come in peace.” Alright … I might be giving octopus too much credit for their ‘intelligence,’ but watch this video and tell me it doesn’t look like the octopus walked out of the water to present a peace offering (crab catch) to the human dignitaries. Read more…

Science says: Keep no more than two cleaner shrimps per tank

Even hermaphrodites are monogamous. Scientists have discovered that whenever two or more cleaner shrimps are placed in the same tank, the two dominant specimens will kill off all other individuals until only a single pair remains. And you thought your dating scene was tough … Read more…


A playful encounter with a Nassau grouper

Awwwwww. Watch this video and tell me you this grouper doesn’t remind you of a puppy seeking affection. This is the friendliest and most lovable grouper I’ve ever seen. Read more…

Up close and personal with “Estherea Reef”

In all likelihood, the aquarium located in the lobby of Estherea (Amsterdam) is the nicest reef display of any hotel in the world. We blogged about this aquarium in September, but we can’t help but revisit Estherea Reef to highlight the health and beauty of this amazing aquarium. Read more…

When cookiecutter sharks attack

Cookiecutter shark bites are rare. So rare in fact that up until now no attack on humans has ever been recorded. Photos within are not for the squeamish. Read more…

Advanced Aquarist wallpaper #11

We haven’t shared a new wallpaper in a while. Here’s an Advanced Aquarist HD (1920×1200) wallpaper we call “Twilight Zoas.” We hope you like the color blue (what reefkeeper doesn’t?). If this photo looks familiar, its because you’ve seen it as one of our rotating masthead graphics. Read more…


GBR’s annual mass coral spawn only a couple weeks away 

It’s that time of the year again when corals throughout the Great Barrier Reef (Australia) renew the oceans with their annual spawning: the birth of millions of baby corals! The specular event is expected between November 16 to 18, 2011. Read more…

Blasto collectors- eat your hearts out!

We couldn’t help but notice some of the extremely colorful Blastomussa sp. frags being offered up for grabs on eBay lately. As LPS lovers ourselves, it’s very exciting knowing that corals like these are making their way into our tanks and will hopefully be grown/propagated for others to enjoy! Read more…

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