December 2011’s Most Popular Posts

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December 2011's Most Popular Posts

December 2011’s most popular posts!


#10: Interesting new Aqua-Check photometer spotted across the pond just reported on a new multi-tester called the “AQUA-CHECK photometer” that reportedly can measure multiple water parameters with the same probe. This product (if it ever makes it state-side) could potentially give the electronic Hanna Checkers a run for their money as only one electronic “checker” is required. Read more…

#9: Another lovely reef aquarium

There is a shortage of product and research news to report this week due to the holiday season, so we thought what better time to share more videos of thriving reef displays. Here is video of a healthy reef with one of the largest Acropora staghorns we’ve seen. Read more…

#8: Owner of SWC faces $1,000,000+ fine and prison time for smuggling protected species

Jayson Daeninck (owner of, better known as SWC) is facing major fines and possible imprisonment for illegally importing protected coral rock, sea horses and giant clams from Indonesia. Read more…

#7: Imagine never having to clean your glass

Just imagine it: never having to scrape your glass of that nuisance coralline algae ever again. Or if you did, it would just peel right off. If this research makes it into production, cleaning your glass may just become a thing of the past. Read more…


#6: Living Color’s 650 gallon “Hybrid Reef Tank”

Living Color shares with Advanced Aquarist their latest 650 gallon (2,500 liter) reef installation. This large aquarium mixes artificial reef structure with live rock and cultured ORA corals to form an unique and sustainable reef system. Read more…

#5: Can you eat something bigger than yourself? 

Watch a video of a frogfish devouring a fish as big if not bigger than itself. My jaw dropped when I saw how big of a fish this predator could fit into its mouth and stomach. Read more…

#4: Chris Ozment’s 435 Gallon Reef Display

Large tanks are inherently cool. Chris Ozment’s 435 gallon (1650 liter) reef takes the cool factor and runs away with it! Started in January, 2010, this large “low profile” aquarium has filled out very nicely. Many large fish now patrol over healthy and supremely colorful coral colonies. Read more…

#3: Planking: even dolphins are getting into the act

“Planking” is a recent meme where someone lies flat (like a plank) in a strange place and another person takes a photo of that person (I know, it’s odd). In the below picture, a dolphin is seen “planking” on the nose of a humpback whale. What’s interesting is that this inter-species interaction has been seen before and is the subject of a journal article. Read more…


#2: Zap aiptasia dead with laser beams! (updated with new videos)

Are you looking for the most high tech or dangerous way to kill aiptasia? A Reef2Reef member shares how he kills aiptasia (et al.) using lethally powerful handheld lasers. Read more…

#1: Who wouldn’t want this? A Roomba for your aquarium glass! 

Tired of scraping algae from your aquarium glass? A new glass cleaner / scraper called the RoboSnail will take your cares away. It’s a programmable cleaner that the user can setup so that you never have to worry about this chore again. Read more…

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