2011’s Most Popular Blogs

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2011's Most Popular Blogs

The Radion XR30w is the latest gear to join Ecotech Marine’s integrated family of high-end reefkeeping products.


#10: Calling all hermit crab exhibitionists: Hand-blown Glass Shells!

Are your hermit crabs looking for new digs? Consider these beautiful works of art: Artist/designer Robert DuGrenier creates exquisite hand-blown glass shells for hermit crabs from his Vermont workshop. Read more…

#9: Incredible 8000L (2000+ gallon) Portugal Coral Farm

Nothing is more rewarding for me than seeing successful breeding and propagation systems, which is why I am extremely pleased to help showcase the “selected reef tank” at www.h2oplusomething.com: Machado de Sousa’s 8000L Coral Farm. Read more…

#8: Deep Blue announces lineup of shallow look-down aquariums

Deep Blue Aquarium Professional (USA) have been busy creating aquariums and aquatic accessories (lighting, filtration, pumps, heaters, etc.) Deep Blue has announced a new line of shallow look-down style aquariums, coming soon to a store near you. Read more…

#7: Beautiful videography of Taiwanese reef aquarium

Here are two incredibly sharp videos of a Taiwanese rimless mixed reef tank. These videos capture acan, zoa, and other coral macros in stunning color and clarity. Bravo to the videographer! Read more…


#6: Tunze video demonstrates flow vs turbulence

In response to the July 2011’s Advanced Aquarist article “Experimental Comparison of Measured Flow Output of Aquarium Propeller Pumps,” tunze has shared with Advanced Aquarist a video about flow and turbulence. In the video, Tunze visually demonstrates the difference in flow pattern between their Streams and Ecotech’s vortech pumps. Read more…

#5: The most bizarre shark you’ve ever seen

Welcome to the other twilight zone. A commercial fisherman from the tropical Sea of Cortez has caught one strange fish: an one-eyed shark! This fish is like something straight out of a science fiction movie. Real or hoax? Read the story behind this shark (plus one more photo) after the jump. Read more…

#4: Man Poisons LFS Tanks, Kills $8,000 of Livestock!

This may be the most disgusting hobbyist story I’ve read in a long while. A man walks into Underwater World in Helena, Montana (not to be confused with the wholesaler in Los Angeles) and sprinkles a mysterious white powder into their holding tanks, killing 70 fishes, corals, and inverts. Read more…

#3: seneye: Possibly the world’s most feature-rich aquarium monitor

A new, advanced aquarium monitor is set to premiere this summer. I know what you’re probably saying to yourself: Is there really a need for another aquarium monitor? Having been granted an exclusive sneak peek, I can emphatically answer: YES! seneye not only monitors more parameters than any single device currently on the market, it does so in the most user-friendly manner. Read more about the new seneye device after the jump. Read more…


#2: Simply Amazing 3,600 liter LFS Display

HPAquaristik – a LFS in Germany – spared no expense with their main reef display. Their 3,600 liter (950 gallon) aquarium features LED lighting which simulates some of the most natural cloud cover and thunderstorms I’ve seen. But get this: During the simulated thunderstorms, it actually rains freshwater over the giant reef aquarium! Read more…

#1: The Definitive Ecotech Radion Preview (updated with Mr. Saltwater Tank video)

Apologies for the pretentious title, but we wanted to grab your attention. Starting this weekend, you will read a lot about Ecotech’s new LED light. Advanced Aquarist put a lot of effort to bring you the the most comprehensive Ecotech radion preview. A treasure trove of photos and information after the jump (not for the bandwidth-challenged). Read more…

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