The Barren Isles – A Misleading Name

By Josh Saul 10 years ago

Reefs of the Barren Isles

The Barren Isles are so harsh and remote that only a few of the hardiest and most determined fisherman venture there. Result: bountiful reefs that have escaped the ravages of overexploitation seen along the rest of the barrier reef of Madagascar’s west coast. Enjoy this short sample of the riches of the Barren Isles.

This video comes to us courtesy of Jon Slayer (great name BTW), who recently visited an extremely remote area off the Western coast of Madagascar and photographed an untouched reef which was previously undocumented.  The video shows a highly diverse mix of boulder corals, Acroporas, lobos, xeniids, and just about anything you can imagine would be sitting on a reef that no one has ever touched before.  After checking out the video, read the interview with Jon HERE.

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