January 2012’s Most Popular Posts

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January 2012's Most Popular Posts

January 2012’s Most Popular Posts


#10: 16 new Hawai’i Senate measures introduced, seeks aquarium trade ban or regulation

As initially reported by Ret Talbot (CORAL): The 26th Hawai’i Senate legislature has started off 2012 with at least SIXTEEN new measures seeking the regulation or total ban of the aquarium trade. Read more…

#9: How Fungiid Corals avoid being buried alive [time-laspe video]

Many reefkeepers who keep Plate Corals know these corals are able to exhume themselves when they’re covered by sand. But the process in which they do this is more complex and interesting than you know. Read more…

#8: Deep Blue announces lineup of shallow look-down aquariums

Deep Blue Aquarium Professional (USA) have been busy creating aquariums and aquatic accessories (lighting, filtration, pumps, heaters, etc.) Deep Blue has announced a new line of shallow look-down style aquariums, coming soon to a store near you. Read more…

#7: Dakota Reef’s Cube Aquarium [videos]

I love large aquariums. I love cube tanks. I love open aquascaping. And I love big, healthy fish and corals. So it’s no surprise I love Dakota Reef’s Cube Reef Aquarium. I hope this aquarium serves as inspiration. Here’s to a great weekend of fishkeeping! Read more…


#6: Bali Deepwater Maricultured Acroporas

Bali is now shipping out some awesome maricultured “deepwater” Acropora. Extreme Corals (Germany) has received shipment of some extraordinary specimens with unique growth forms that will whet the appetite of any SPS lover in 2012. Read more…

#5: Advanced Aquarist wallpaper #12

Need a new desktop background? Here’s a gorgeous HD wallpaper from Advanced Aquarist photographer Mitchell Brown (of www.aquaticprints.com). A long-nose hawkfish perched atop Acropora makes for the perfect photo op! Read more…

#4: Ever see a pearlfish enter the anus of a sea cucumber? 

Some of us have heard of the commensal / parasitic relationship that pearlfish have with sea cucumbers, but how many of us have actually seen a pearlfish enter its host cucumber through the anus where it hangs out most of the time? Read more…

#3: $1000 Clam With Split-Personality Disorder

Take a gander at this Tridacna maxima offered for sale by Pacific East Aquaculture for the jaw-dropping price of $999 USD. One can only guess how this clam came to develop two distinct phenotypes … truly a bipolar bivalve! Read more…


#2: LFS in Buffalo, NY robbed of dry goods, corals and cash

A Reef Creation, a local fish store and online coral vendor located in Buffalo, N.Y. was burglarized earlier this week of over $20,000 in cash, dry goods and live coral. Please help catch these criminals (video and photo after the jump). Read more…

#1: AquaDream: the world’s largest conical aquarium now open in the Morocco Mall

This is one massive aquarium! It features sharks, rays, and other marine fishes swimming around the display in a recreated reef structure populated with artificial coral. What really sets this aquarium apart from others in its class is that it is actually cone-shaped! Read more…

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