Dan Underwood speaking at the 2012 Marine Breeder’s Workshop

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Dan Underwood from Seahorse Source is the latest speaker to be announced for the 2012 Marine Breeder’s Workshop on July 28th in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Breeding seahorses can be easy! Seahorses will often breed just by putting males and females together. Rearing the fry can be an entirely different story. Very few can raise a large percentage of fry successfully; even fewer can do it consistently. Dan will cover his methods and techniques that allow him to raise more than 80 percent of his fry consistently and often reach well into the high 90 percent ratios.

Commercial aquaculturist Dan Underwood is the co-founder and co-owner of Seahorse Source, Inc. Dan started breeding seahorses, with his wife Abbie, as hobbyists in 2003. After having success as hobbyists, they decided to go professional in 2005. They have worked with 10 different species of seahorses and currently enjoy consistently high success rates rearing all species they breed.

In addition to breeding seahorses, Dan remains close to the hobby level by participating on various seahorse related forums, volunteers as a moderator on Seahorse.org, and manages a help desk. He also does consulting work helping other professionals with seahorse related issues.


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  • wallysworld says:

    Time to trick the family into vacation in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Have to meet Dan and see his presentation!

    Dan has been very helpful in answering many of my seahorse questions regarding breeding! I am sure his presentation will be amazing. Hopefully I don’t miss it.

    Dan, Good luck!

    Thanks again for all your help!

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