Two Little Fishies Announces New CDX Media

By Josh Saul 10 years ago3 Comments

Today at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, Julian Sprung was on hand to announce several new products in the TLF line.  The first major announcement was the release of the CDX product.  CDX stands for Carbon Dioxide Absorption media, and this media will work in the existing TLF reactors with a small modification to the input elbows.  This is a DRY media, meaning you attach it to the air intake for your skimmer and air is sucked through the media to take free CO2 out of the aquarium.  This is very useful in increasing your pH level without adding chemicals to the water itself.  The media and reactor adapter will be available at your local fish store in the coming months.


 Josh Saul

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  • reefs4life says:

    Seems wack to me…it’s really not a new concept nor new idea…I really don’t like when people take such simple ideas that have been around and try to patent them or market them as their own invention or something….

  • Tony Vargas says:

    reefs4life, I don’t understand why you have such a harsh comment toward this product. TLF is providing a product that can be useful to many in the hobby, hobbyist that are not aware that this type of media exist! Many in the hobby are not aware how CO2 in a tightly seal house affects their reef systems pH and how this would benefit in correcting many pH concerns. Furthermore, at no time did the TLF claim to be the inventor nor did they say that they intend to place a patent on CDX.

  • Paolissimo says:

    I wasn’t aware of this type of media. I know that high co2 in the house lowers your PH, hence some people stick an air tube out the window, but who is this product targeted to? How can I test co2 in my tank? Would a low PH indicates high level of CO2? Would this be an ideal solution?

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