February 2012’s Most Popular Posts

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February 2012's Most Popular Posts

February 2012’s Most Popular Posts


#10: The REAL Podzilla

Freaky Friday: Imagine finding this hitchhiker in your reef tank! This foot-long amphipod was caught off the Kermadec Trench of New Zealand. These deep-sea “supergiants” were first discovered in Hawaii in 1980s but have since been found all over the world. Read more…

#9: Hitchhiking on a Star

You’re a juvenile fish stranded out in the middle of no where, with nothing but muddy sand for miles around. What do you do? You hitchhike on a starfish! This video shows how baby frogfish and lionfish play the hand they’re dealt. Read more…

#8: Mystery fish from Pacific Island Aquatics is just another cool creature from Hawaii

This neat looking mystery fish captured by Pacific Island Aquatics has the characteristics of several different species. Can you identify what it is? Read more…

#7: Coralife’s new Aqualight LED, available now at major retailers

Coralife’s new 48″ Aqualight LED fixture has been released for public consumption … that is, if you’ve got $2,499 USD to spend. What you get is 92 LEDs producing up to 303 watts of 10,000-20,000K light, complete with enclosure, multiple mounting options, and built-in light controller. Coralife’s Aqualight LED promotional brochure after the jump. Read more…


#6: Scolymia australis: The Forbidden (Bleeding) Apple?

Scolymia australis are one of the most beautiful corals on Earth. The best specimens dazzle like gems of the sea. It’s no wonder these LPS corals command such high demand and prices. There’s no question reefkeepers want Scolymias … but should we? Read more…

#5: GloFish® Glowing Sushi? 

We’ve all seen those neon-colored GloFish® in the local fish store, right? They are the ones that fluoresce yellow, orange, and green, under actinic lighting. Well, some sushi chefs have taken it to the next level and have created glowing sushi using these tiny GloFish® as a new culinary delight. Yum? Read more…

#4: The drug trade murders tropical fish too

The drug cartels’ disregard for life have taken a massive toll on tropical fish. Over 16,000 animals have died because two smugglers attempted to import cocaine into the UK by shipping the drugs in bags containing live tropical fish. Read more…

#3: $4500 Aquarium Sink

Are you looking to redecorate your high-end bathroom with a modern and unique sink? Do you have a nagging compulsion to perform your daily hygiene over an audience of fish? Then consider the ‘Moody Aquarium Sink’ sold by OpulentItems.com. Read more…


#2: Soccer player Thierry Henry plans to install a 5,500 gallon £250,000 aquarium in London residence

Thierry Henry, a striker for the New York Red Bulls soccer team, plans to completely gut his £6 million London home to install a series of custom aquariums which will reportedly span four stories of his new home. Read more…

#1: Curve Appeal: A 2000 Gallon Crescent Aquarium

Living Color Aquariums has built the ‘anti-bow-front’ aquarium … and a HUGE one at that. This astounding 2,000 gallon aquarium features an unique concave acrylic front face providing an immersive field of view for any marine fish lover to gaze at all day long. Read more…

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