Olasana Lagoon: Road to Recovery?

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The Swamp Thing visiting my nano on February 20th.

On February 20th, my odd little high energy nano tank project was ravaged by a mysterious green water bloom. You can read all about it HERE.

A mere ten days later, I made this video. You can see the toll the green water bloom took. I lost one colony of Acropora, 3 or four small fragments, and had to drastically cut back other colonies to save them. You can see what looks like the dreaded rapid tissue necrosis that has stopped dead in its path without superglueing or fragging. This morning, a scant 11 days after the crash, I noticed while sipping my coffee… regrowth! Corals had begun to form that swollen margin that means only one thing. Encrusting growth. Needless to say, I’m beside myself with excitement and relief.

Olasana Lagoon, March 20th, 2012

Ten days after the green water disaster detailed here: http://www.reefs.com/blog/2012/03/19/olasana-lagoon-small-tank-big-problems-and-a-mystery/ I lost one Acropora colony, a few frags, and had to drastically fragment others. You can see where the recession is still fresh but has stopped. Hopefully this is the beginning of the road to recovery and the progress I had hoped to document from the beginning!

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