May 2012’s Most Popular Posts

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May 2012's Most Popular Posts

May 2012’s Most Popular Posts


#10: Mass stranding of crown-of-thorns starfish

Many people have heard about mass beaching of whales or dolphins every year, but how many of you have heard about mass beaching of crown-of-thorns starfish? Read more…

#9: Tubastrea farming at the Steinhart Aquarium

A 200 gallon exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences Steinhart Aquarium has proven to be quite effective at producing captive grown Tubastrea colonies via asexual budding of parent colonies. Although captive reproduction of Tubastrea has been documented since at least 1993 when Joe Yaiullo wrote about it, we hope these images inspire some folks to try their hand at a simple method for captively propagating these corals en masse for the aquarium hobby. Read more…

#8: A new jellyfish company enters the aquarium market: Moon Jellyfish

Sunset Marine Labs has provided jellyfish and jelly systems to aquarium service companies and zoos for the past 16 years. Now they are bringing their expertise into the marine aquarium market with tanks and jellyfish designed specifically for hobbyists. The EON tank is born! Read more…

#7: Fish Tank Kings premieres this Saturday

It’s almost time. Nat Geo premieres their new TV show Fish Tank Kings on Saturday, May 12 @ 10:00pm, so here’s our reminder to tune in or set your DVRs! Read more…


#6: Dubai to build underwater hotel … again?

The gaudy spectacle that is Dubai is at it again. The city plans to build the world’s largest underwater hotel. Visitors will sleep, dine, and relax in the company of Persian Gulf reef life. If this sounds like deja vu, there’s a reason. Read more…

#5: Monster Tasmanian giant crab now at British aquarium

Affectionately named “Claude,” this gigantic 15 inch wide, 15 pound Tasmanian giant crab was recently saved from the cooking pot and sold to a British aquarium by the fishermen who caught him. When cooked, he would have produced up to 160 delicious crab cakes! Read more…

#4: Marlins Stadium Aquariums: Design and Installation

Play ball! The newly constructed Miami Marlin’s Baseball Stadium is home to the world’s only on-the-field tropical marine exhibit … two 450 gallon aquariums as a matter of fact. Living Color Aquariums shares how they designed, fabricated, and installed this ‘Aquatic Home Plate Backstop.’ Read more…

#3: Vandals poison LFS coral tanks with copper

Vandals who are clearly knowledgeable about coral biology have reportedly poisoned the holding tanks at Saltwater Fanta-seas (a LFS in Portland, Oregon) by pouring a copper solution into their system. Read more…


#2: The Tank Builds of ‘Tanked: Season 2’

We have a sneak peek at the upcoming tank builds for Tanked’s sophomore season, including a working pinball machine tank, a refrigerator tank, a giant shark tank for Tracy Morgan, and a mobile school bus tank. We have more photos after the jump. Read more…

#1: Exclusive video: Fish Tank Kings visits ORA

Nat Geo has granted Advanced Aquarist a world exclusive video clip. Francis of Living Color Aquariums takes his client to ORA Farms; None other than Dustin Dorton (President of ORA) gives them a tour of his facility. Read more…

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