June 2012’s Most Popular Posts

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June 2012's Most Popular Posts

June 2012’s Most Popular Posts


#10: Red Dragon Acropora is a coral that’s worthy of the hype

The Red Dragon Acropora is a coral that holds a special place in the heart of SPS keepers, and seeing a new photo of Sanjay Joshi’s Red Dragon colony is a quick reminder of why we love it so much. Read more…

#9: Flashback Friday: Eight reef aquariums from around the world 

Originally published May 30, 2011: We belong to a worldwide community of reefkeepers. Advanced Aquarist shares eight recent videos of reef aquariums from around the world: Hong Kong, Latvia, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Chile, Thailand, Greece, and Germany. Read more…

#8: Classic Art: Coral time-laspe macro videos

We share two oldies but goodies: 2009 HD videos by Ben Wiggins which are still possibly the two most impressive coral macro videos ever produced to this day. “Jaw-dropping” is really an understatement. Read more…

#7: Nikon USA posts article: “How-To Take Great Photos at the Aquarium”

You know aquarium-keeping is a burgeoning hobby when Nikon posts an article about aquarium photography. We share their article as well as offer ten additional photography tips for the advanced aquarist. Read more…


#6: Beautiful video of ADA nano reef aquarium

When you mix together an ADA aquarium, healthy corals with polyp extension galore, high-definition video, and a catchy Deadmau5 soundtrack, you wind up with something beautiful like this … Read more…

#5: Preview of Fish Tank Kings Episode 5: “Fish Upon a Star”

Advanced Aquarist received another prescreening of the next Fish Tank Kings episode, and this one is right up our ally. Living Color Aquariums sets out to install a 8×4 foot live coral aquarium, visits ORA farms, and designs a Malawi cichlid aquarium for youth. Read more…

#4: The Western Australian Mandarin Dragonet

Synchiropus picturatus occidentalis is a very rare subspecies of mandarin dragonets from Northwest Australia. So rare is this elusive fish that few if any visual documentation for S. picturatus occidentalis exists … that is, until Advanced Aquarist was provided this video. Read more…

#3: Flashback Friday: Simply Amazing 3,600 liter LFS Display

Originally published June 15, 2011: HPAquaristik – a LFS in Germany – spared no expense with their main reef display. Their 3,600 liter (950 gallon) aquarium features LED lighting which simulates some of the most natural cloud cover and thunderstorms I’ve seen. But get this: During the simulated thunderstorms, it actually rains freshwater over the giant reef aquarium! Read more…


#2: Year-long time-lasped reef aquarium video

Youtube member ‘olesful’ shares a very cool video recording 365 days of time-lapsed photography of his reef aquarium. Every frame is shot in the same perspective at the same time each day for one full year. Read more…

#1: The strange case of a woman and the squid that tried to inseminate her mouth

We are filing this story in the “What the heck?!” folder. Read more…

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