MASC Science Fair and Fund Raiser

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The Marine Aquarium Society of Colorado prides itself on introducing new ideas, or reinventing ideas to try and better our club and our hobby at large. We pride ourselves on better educating our members to help properly care for the animals that we house. We typically do this through home meetings, meetings at local

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MASC Science Fair and Fund Raiser

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Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, I've been a hobbyist for more than 13 years. I enjoy helping others via my two websites & These feature articles, pictures, podcasts, interviews and product reviews, as well as documentation of personal experience maintaining tanks ranging from 3g to 400g. I make a living selling RO/DI systems and acrylic wares (sumps, frag tanks, overflows, photoboxes), which permits me to enjoy the hobby more.I'm a member of DFWMAS and have served on the board of directors for seven years, doing what I can to encourage growth while keeping it fun. My articles have appeared in print & online, and I'm happy to be blogging on as well.

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