July 2012’s Most Popular Posts

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July 2012's Most Popular Posts

July 2012’s Most Popular Posts


#10: Pixar announces Finding Nemo 2

Pixar has confirmed plans for a sequel to their popular 2003 animated feature film, ‘Finding Nemo.’ ‘Finding Nemo 2’ is tentatively scheduled for a 2016 release. As we have previously reported, Pixar is also re-releasing the original ‘Finding Nemo’ in 3D on September 14, 2012. Read more…

#9: Insanely awesome steampunk 3D printed octopus vehicle

For the last several weeks I have talked about different things one can build with a 3D printer. The items I printed pale in comparison to this work of art by Sean Charlesworth who designed and printed this robotic beauty over the course of two semesters for his thesis in 3D modeling and animation. Read more…

#8: A Personifer, a Clownfish and their Carpet Anemones

3reef.com member ‘zumaboy’ tells one of the craziest fish stories we’ve read about the unlikely friendship between a Personifer Angelfish, a Madagascar Clownfish, and the Carpet Anemones they call home. Read more…

#7: The world’s biggest pearl?

United Kingdom: A fisherman inadvertently dredged a 145 million year old mega-oyster that just might contain the world’s biggest pearl. MRI scans reveal a golf-ball-sized round object inside the fossilized oyster. Read more…


#6: AquaSD bringing the heat this summer with some sizzling hot coral

California retailer AquaSD has shown us some amazing livestock photos we had to showcase. The colors rival the most spectacular July Fourth fireworks. Hyperbole? Judge for yourself. Read more…

#5: The Genetic Possibilities behind the “Lightning” trait in PNG White Stripe Maroon Clownfish, Premnas biaculeatus

Baby Lightning Maroons suggest an answer to the questionable genetic basis for this fantastic Maroon Clownfish variant from PNG, but the answer spawns new questions. How does general genetic understandings, particularly when viewed through the example of freshwater Angelfish breeding, frame the potential explanations behind what we now see, how we should talk about it, and where the Lightning Maroon will push designer clownfish breeding going forward? Read more…

#4: The strange case of a woman and the squid that tried to inseminate her mouth

We are filing this story in the “What the heck?!” folder. Read more…

#3: Manage your power cords with DJ power switchers

Who among us would like to be able to just switch their equipment on and off from a central switch system? I know I would. In the past people have wired light switches to individual power outlets and this tip completely negates this old-school method of controlling equipment. It is more compact and in the long run costs much less. Read more…


#2: How to determine the sex of Banggai cardinalfish

Banggai cardinalfish, Pteragon kauderni, are the referred to as the “guppies” of the marine fish breeding world. However, determining their sex in order to form pairs is sometimes problematic. Read more…

#1: Asia’s largest public aquarium opens today

The new Aqua Planet Jeju at Seogwipo (South Korea) takes the crown from Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (Japan). With a combined water volume of 10,800 tons, Aqua Planet Jeju is now Asia’s largest public aquarium. Read more…

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