Florida Casino Fish Tank Runs out of Luck

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Unfortunately, the Gulfstream Park Casino in Florida ran out of luck as their gigantic 13 foot wide, 13 foot tall saltwater aquarium ruptured, flooding two floors and sending patrons packing over the Labor Day weekend.

-Photo Courtesy of advancedaquarist.com

The tank was installed in 2006 on the main casino floor of the park in Hallandale Beach, FL and housed sharks, lionfish, and groupers. Spewing about 10,000 gallons of saltwater across two floors, the fish tank was manufactured by Reynolds Polymer Tech and shut down operations for over three days.  All of the fish, however, were rescued and are said to be doing just fine according to casino representatives. Living Color Aquarium, from the infamous NatGeo show Fish Tank Kings, was the company that installed the reef decor and filtration system. They did not manufacture the tank itself. Polymer Tech is currently investigating how the acrylic aquarium failed.

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