MACNA 2012 Coverage: Hikari brand new Herbivores Food

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Hikari, a Japanese company known for their broad range of fish and invertebrate’s foods, showed full line of their products in Dallas and boy, with that many choices, there will be no fish (or shrimp, crab, anemone and anything in between) left behind. Sinking wafers, flakes, pellets, pills as well as frozen and freeze-dried specialties, you name it… With this amount of menu items it’s important to mention Hikari’s  new product- Seaweed Extreme wafers&pellets. Coming in two sizes-Medium (wafer) and Small (pellets), Hikari’s new addition is the answer for all of you owning a shy herbivore fish that just won’t swim to an algae sheet hanging from a clip, no matter what. Consisting of 67% pure Nori seaweed plus other algae matter, the new food from Seaweed Extreme is available now from select vendors. Hikari people were giving away samples of it’s new product as well as other fish delicaces at their booth and we’re looking forward to your opinion about them. You can visit Hikari’s North American website to learn more about their line of fish foods here:

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