MACNA Coverage: Reef Savvy booth -

MACNA Coverage: Reef Savvy booth

The South Florida-based aquarium manufacturer Reef Savvy came to MACNA with the intention to show their work and I must say they’ve had some great looking tanks at the conference’s floor. Specializing in custom glass aquariums, Reef Savvy booth featured three glass tanks and some samples of the range of glass types they offer to customers. The tank I inspected in details had very good silicon work and the glass was nicely polished to smooth finish. The back glass panel, painted black, and the acrylic overflow was of impressive quality as well and in general, I left their booth with a very positive opinion about the work they do. Here are some photos of their booth at MACNA floor. Learn about Reef Savvy by visiting their site: - reefs

Marcin Smok

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Marcin Smok is a reefer, amateur photographer, traveler, SCUBA diver and and avid DIY-er. He has been keeping freshwater fish tanks since he was 9 years old and saltwater tanks for the past 10 years. Check his photography site at
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