October 2012’s most popular posts

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October 2012's most popular posts

October 2012’s most popular posts


#10: Stunning imagery of pelagic mesoplankton

Photographer Solvin Zanki captures some of the most amazing photos of plankton we’ve ever seen. We share some of his amazing work. If these photos do not instill a sense of awe and wonder for the diversity of life in our oceans, we give up. Read more…

#9: Videos of Acropora spawning in captivity

Captive spawning of invertebrates is always an amazing and rewarding sight, and even more so for a coral once considered impossible to keep in captivity just a few decades ago. We share two videos of Acropora spawning in home aquariums. Read more…

#8: Baby flying fish are all sorts of awesome

There’s no denying flying fish are incredible animals, and baby flying fish are really something else! Our friend Ned DeLoach of blennywatcher.com shares incredible photos of juvenile flying fish. Read more…

#7: How NOT to frag zoanthids

Fragging soft coral is easy. Slice it with a razor blade and glue it to a piece of live rock rubble or frag plug. However, this is not so with zoanthids and palythoa, where nitrile gloves (and possibly razor-proof gloves) and goggles must be worn while working with them. Read more…


#6: A Classroom Dreams Are Made Of

In 2011, the York Public School (Australia) began an extraordinary outreach program to educate and inspire local children about coral reefs. Through partnership with the Sydney Aquarium Conservation Fund and their LFS (Salt Aquariums), teacher and aquarist Benjamin Eggins set up a 240 gallon reef aquarium in his classroom … and brought the living sea to his students. Read more…

#5: Soft corals are underrated

For the past two decades, SPS and LPS have stolen the spotlight with reefkeepers as the corals of choice. Stoney coral reef aquariums dominate the modern scene, so it’s easy to forget just how alluring soft coral exhibits can be. This Dutch aquarium reminds us not to underestimate the beauty of soft corals. Read more…

#4: Robo-clownfish, for the lazy reefkeeper near you 

A Japanese toymaker thinks it has the solution for the lazy freshwater and saltwater aquarium keepers: robotic aquarium fish! Read more…

#3: HGTV to air special: “Ultimate Aquariums”

Cable television network HGTV will premiere an one hour special on October 12, 2012 titled “Ultimate Aquariums.” The new show will feature concept, design, and install of high-end custom installations built for “celebrities and the wealthy.” Read more…


#2: Palytoxin-containing zoanthids can temporarily – or possibly permanently – blind you

Another reason why you should always wear proper personal protective equipment when working in and around your tank – simply rubbing your eye can infect it with palytoxin from stressed Palythoa sp. zoanthids. Read more…

#1: Free Monster Aquarium 

If you’re near Massachusetts and have 8 to 10 strong friends, this monster custom aquarium can be yours for FREE. The owner A.J. is looking to give away his aquarium by the end of October. Kid not included. Read more…

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