CoralVue’s New BioChurn Biopellet Reactor

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Introduced at MACNA 2012 the new method of fluidized biopellet suspension by CoralVue has heads turning, literally. Having fluidized to non-fluidized applications biopellets are the latest form of nutrient exportation in the Reef Industry and CoralVue has stepped up their game offering six different sizes for hobbyists, a commercial line, and an external series of reactors. The new Biochurn product from CoralVue is a engineering feat of its own.

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Coralvue states this new line of reactors will increase contact time with the incoming flow of water and “less direct pressure” on the pellets themselves. Coralvue’s new design offers a effort-efficient design hopefully eliminating clumping of biopellets.

The Commercial line BR-20T BioChurn Recirculating Large System Biopellet Reactor Specifications:

Diameter: 12″
Footprint: 22″ x  21″
Height: 47.5″
Max Biosphere: 15L (3.96gal) Yes, thats 15,000ml!
Pump: HY-10000W X 1
Feeding pump suggesting: 2,650-3,450gph
Aquarium Size: 5,200gal

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