The 2013 edition of Drum and Croaker – A Highly Irregular Journal for the Public Aquarist, sponsored by the Columbus Zoo, is now available online. If you are not familiar with the publication, Drum and Croaker is a non-peer-reviewed journal that has acted as an “informal organ” for public aquarium professionals since 1958. This year’s edition includes:

  • The Metamorphosis of the Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park into the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park, with Historical Annotations by Barrett L. Christie
  • Small Fish Feeding in a 212,000 Gallon Coral Reef Exhibit by Richard Ross, Matt Wandell, and J. Charles Delbeek
  • Aquarium Cleaning Using Melamine Foam Pads by Richard Ross and Matt Wandell
  • A Unique Program for Aspiring Aquarists by Christina J. Slager, Bruce Koike, and Chris Spaulding

For more information, visit the Columbus Zoo’s website HERE.

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