2013 to Bring Higher Prices for Elos Products

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Here’s a bit of tough news for Elos fans. According the Elos USA, the American distribution arm of the Italian aquarium equipment manufacturer, the prices on many of the items they offer will be seeing a price increase for 2013. The increases apparently come as no surprise though, at least for the guys at Elos. It is commonplace for prices to increase after Interzoo, the single largest pet trade show in the world. And while prices did increase on Elos products this year, the crew at Elos USA chose to eat those increases in favor of giving a break to customers. Unfortunately, the price increases mean that Elos USA won’t be offering any special holiday discounts for 2012 and they will be increasing the prices on “some of the Elos products sold in the US” for 2013. The price increases are expected to be anywhere between 7-10%, and Elos USA has decided to make the announcement now so that customers an take advantage of the prices as they are, before any increases. This is obviously an exceptional approach to providing customer service, especially in a time where money is tight for most companies. To view the full announcement, please visit the Elos USA blog . More: 2013 to Bring Higher Prices for Elos Products

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