Neptune Systems Launches New Community

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Neptune Systems has really stepped up their game over the past several months, mostly as a result of hiring automation die-hard Terence Fugazzi.  Since his addition to the team, we’ve seen a new branding/marketing initiative, new iOS/Android app updates, the new firmware Dashboard, and today the new announcement is their launch of an online community for Neptune equipment owners.  The forum is pretty standard but has a large number of specialized subforums, allowing members to connect to each other for pointers, troubleshooting, etc.  As we see more and more controller manufacturers start to open up their private operating systems for 3rd party extensibility, the necessity of online discussion forums is increased.  While many things we do with our controllers remains “unsupported”, you can still rely on your fellow hobbyists to vet your DIY ideas and common problems.  We’re looking forward to seeing more hackers try their hands at adding features to the industry’s most reliable aquarium controller.  Check out the forum now at Neptune Systems Community.

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