ATI Discontinues Powermodule T5HO Fixtures in the US

AquaNerdBy AquaNerd 6 years ago
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 ATI Aquaristik has done something I never would have imagined seeing, they have officially stopped selling their Powermodule T5HO fixtures in the United States. Earlier this month, we were browsing the ReefGeek website (the former distributor for ATI) while looking for new information on the LED/T5 Hybrid Powermodule, which had recently been announced as being available to purchase. To our surprise, the site was almost completely devoid of the regular and dimmable Powermodules, but we just chalked it up to the site revamping their inventory and product pages to accomodate the new fixture. Unfortunately, something far more surprising was taking place.  Read More

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  • Avatar Dace says:

    I’m hoping the LED Powermodule is released by the end of this month. If not, I will be forced to purchase a light future from another company..

  • Avatar Thavngr98 says:

    What does this mean for parts and service. Would we need to get stuff from over seas?

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