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Aquatronica point is a new collaboration between Aquatronica and the best aquarium shops in the world.

The aim is to bring users to Aquatronica technologies thanks to qualified personnel into the shop and no longer exclusively online.

The selected stores offer an internal corner dedicated exclusively to Aquatronica products, so that customers can touch with their hands and see all the material available through brochure and so on. In Aquatronica Points will also be possible to host training days and events dedicated to the Aquatronica latest market products with direct participation of the company staff, to meet the demands of the shop and the curiosity of all customers.

To discover whether a shop has joined the Aquatronica Point is sufficient to find the symbol AQUATRONICA BEST POINT or POINT in the window of the same shops. To find out from home with just a few clicks directly on:



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