Going for a Swim in the Local Hotel Aquarium

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Things are done a bit different in the UK: Recently a fully clothed man climbed into a massive freshwater aquarium and went for a quick swim. Identified as “Matt” by his co-conspiritors, the man casually climbs into the tank and is encouraged to “swim.”

Raddison Blu Hotel Jersey – Man Swimming In Fish Tank In Reception!

This guy casually walks up to the tank and starts swimming in the tank and then runs off! Hillarious!!!

The 3100 gallon aquarium, situated in the reception area of the Radisson Blu Hotel, was unaffected as well as the fish according to hotel representatives. Lydia Smith, director of sales and marketing at the Radisson, said that no fish had been hurt in the incident at 10.30 pm and she was sure the man meant no harm.

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