Download your free copy of Redfish Issue #19

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Download your free copy of Redfish Issue #19

Redfish #19

Download your free copy today.

This issue features the following articles:

  • In the next part of his In The Fishroom series Mo Devlin of Aquamojo discusses his passion for large neotropical cichlids.
  • Marine afishinado Aaron Sewell takes us on a tour of the small polyped stony corals (SPS) corals from the family Acroporidae.
  • Reef-Expert Sara Allyn Mavinkurve discusses what NOT to keep in our reef tanks.
  • Australian native fish expert Dave Wilson, from details his attempts to breed Redigobius nanus, a small goby from the Northern Territory in Australia.
  • We present a factfile on the Orange-lined triggerfish.

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