MACNA Full Conference Passes All Sold Out

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If you’ve been stalling on buying your full conference passes to the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America, then you may have just missed your window of opportunity, and for good. Announced just last night on the MACNA 2013 Facebook page, the full passes have officially sold out. That’s right, almost three full months prior to the show, its all access passes have all been scooped up. But if you still want to get into the show, don’t worry too much, as the single and 3-day passes are still available for now. You won’t have access to the guest speakers or the Friday night reception dinner and Saturday banquet, but it beats staying at home and hearing all about it from all of your aquarium nerd friends who went. Another thing to consider, besides the passes to the conference, is the fact that the hotel rooms are going quick. They are almost all sold out, and probably will be within the next week or two. Of course, other hotels in the surrounding area will gladly accept MACNA attendees, but who wants to have to travel to the venue when you could just hop an elevator to the conference?

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