CAD Lights new Pipeless Nano Skimmer

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CAD Lights new Pipeless Nano Skimmer

The new PLS-50 features Cad Lights patented Pipeless technology along with a new patented locking mechanism

Features and specifications for the new PLS-50 Pipeless Protein Skimmer

  • Dimensions: 3.5″ x 3.25″ x 15″
  • Speed: 190 GPH
  • Air Draw: 187 LPH
  • Pin-wheel impellers
  • Noise emissions: 5dB over audible sound
  • Aquarium Capacity: 10G to 50G
  • 100% Cell-Cast acrylic
  • Easily disassembles in 3 pieces
  • Built in Bubble-Plate
  • Patented lock knob for tension control and full lock of water level adjustment
  • Sliding tank mount for higher or lower settings
  • CAD Lights patented Pipeless design
  • CAD Lights TIA Pro skimmer pumps
  • Includes up-and-down adjustable bracket
  • 3-piece assembly, easily disassembled



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