BRS Fast Fit Frag Table is Ideal of Frag Swaps and Shows, Just Add the Lights -

BRS Fast Fit Frag Table is Ideal of Frag Swaps and Shows, Just Add the Lights

At one point or another in virtually every reef keeper’s tenure in the hobby, the idea of a frag tank has come to mind. With local hobbyists buying up frags regularly, the idea of making a few dollars on your aquarium seems so promising, especially given how expensive everything tends to be. While frag systems are often too expensive for people to put together, the guys at Bulk Reef Supply have one fairly affordable and virtually plug and play setup that should make at home coral aquaculture far easier. Their Fast Fit Fragtable is a sump-less frag system that comes with just about everything you need to get started, sans the lights, pumps, and water of course. The Fast Fit Fragtable is a really handy system for hobbyists looking for something they can setup or take down quickly, as well as relocate for local events or just to remodel. The entire setup sits on caster wheels, obviously aiding in the system’s mobility, and an overhead bar is great for moutning the light fixture of your choice. Black eggcrate, which tends to be more resilient to algae growth than white eggcrate, keeps the frags up off the bottom of the frag tank. The retail pricre for the Fast Fit Fragtable is $499, and it apparently qualifies for free shipping, though we may be incorrect in that assumption. Kit details: 2 Ft. x 4 Ft. Inside Dimension White Botanicare Tray 2 Ft. x 4 Ft. Fast Fit White Tray Stand 4 Ft. Fast Fit White Uprights 4 Ft. Fast Fit White Light Hanging Bar 4 – Fast Fit Caster Wheels 2 – 2 Ft. x 2 Ft. Black Egg Crate MORE: BRS Fast Fit Frag Table is Ideal of Frag Swaps and Shows, Just Add the Lights


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