The Sun Mushroom (Heliofungia Actiniformis)

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The Sun Mushroom (Heliofungia Actiniformis) Commonly known as the Long Tentacled Plate Coral, this creature is quite unique. It is a Large Polyp Stony Coral, though without closer inspection will look just like an anemone. The Long Tentacle Plate Coral has the longest tentacles of any other LPS in our aquariums. Another thing that sets this coral apart is its ability to “walk” along the substrate. image via These corals require a moderate amount of care. For starters, they pack quite a sting. They may try to make their way over to another area and start a war with other aggressive corals. They require a moderate amount of lighting, so do not try to keep these under a low wattage fixture. They do not like too much light either. Since they must reside on the substrate you may have to increase or decrease your lighting rather than moving the coral itself. Maintaining your water quality will also keep these guys happy. Stability is key. Supplementing and testing calcium and strontium levels, along with maintaining alkalinity is important. They will thrive when fed plankton and various meaty foods that you would feed your fish. Stay away from “junk” food like adult brine shrimp unless it is infused with vitamins made specifically for corals and fish. More: The Sun Mushroom (Heliofungia Actiniformis)

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