The Open Brain Coral (Lobophyllia)

By reef2reef 8 years ago

Do you feel like your reef could use a higher I.Q. Score? The number one cause of a stupid aquarium is a lack of brains! Okay, maybe the brain coral does not help much in the intelligence factor but they do add a massive increase of awesomeness. Open Brain corals add a certain fluff of color that is not available in other types of coral. The Lobophyllia can eat very large morsels of food, so they are fun to watch. They have many names: Large Flower Coral, Modern Coral, Meat Coral, Flat Brain, Carpet Brain, Colored Brain, and Lobed Brain. They come in any variation of color from bright red to gunship gray and everything in between. The Lobophyllia is a very varied species. They are semi-aggressive and have sweeper tentacles. During the night they stretch them out during feeding to capture food and keep their area free of trespassing corals. They must have adequate space around them. They are not hard to keep by any means. They simply require high lighting and moderate current, preferably a wave motion. They will spread onto surrounding rock and also create their own skeleton as they grow and colonize the area. As they grow you will need to move any corals further away to prevent a stinging war. lobo feeder tentacles image via AquaSD Keeping your water clean and stable is very important like with other corals. Testing and maintaining calcium, alkalinity, and pH will ensure supreme growth and longevity. More: The Open Brain Coral (Lobophyllia)

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