The Cuttlefish: Strangest Cephalopod In The Sea

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This is one of the strangest cephalopods in the sea. They resemble a squid or an octopus but also resemble a fish from another dimension. Another interesting fact about these invertebrates is that they are not native to the United States. The cuttlefish has been purely an import species until recent advances in breeding. Still, the cuttlefish’s majority is imported until a large enough cephalopod farm is built. Most of the specimens you will see have traveled across the globe and may have a great deal of stress to get over. image via Another advancement in cuttlefish capturing is the shipping of the eggs. They actually do very well in shipping. They are sent to facilities with the means to raise the larvae into adults and get them on captive diets. This is quite a task since we do not have cultures of every particulate food in the sea. Getting a newborn cuttlefish larvae to eat is quite tricky. Each species is from its own particular region with its specialized plankton. The “kids” are quite picky. Getting them to eat their greens is not much different than getting a human child to. Forcing them obviously is not an option, so trying different plankton until they eat is the only method that has worked. cuttlefish eggs image via The struggle to get these critters to eat is the only real obstacle in becoming more popular as pets. The attention the cuttlefish gets is quite contrast from its pet popularity. They are extremely interesting to watch. When swimming they are in constant More: The Cuttlefish: Strangest Cephalapod In The Sea

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