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Fincasters Episode 21: $2,000 Coral and more at MACNA 2013

Fincasters visited MACNA 2013 — The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America to see all the latest innovations and some beautiful corals. Among the new technology a fish food that’s been fed to astronauts in space, an app to control your pumps and lights from your smartphone, and a re-invented canister filter.

A live postcard from MACNA 2013 in South Florida, this short video by John Carlin catches the flavor of the exhibition hall, where startling corals, tiny cuttlefish and marine salesmanship vied for the attention of an estimated 2,500 attendees—a record turnout in the 25-year history of the event. CREDITS Video:  John Carlin | Fincasters Channel | YouTube MACNA 2013: Florida Marine Aquarium Society MORE: MACNA 2013 Video

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