Feed Like A Geek. Your Reef Will LOVE You For It!

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As you know, when I’m not stocking fellow reefers with cool corals, I get to travel around the country and talk about geeky reef topics. One of my most in-demand topics is “Nutrient Control and Export”, which, in other words, is a nice way of saying “Getting the nasty stuff out of your aquarium.” I’m compelled to touch on this today (nutrient CONTROL) because of a (very) long phone call with a reefer yesterday about the crazy algae bloom his 225 reef is enduring. When we got down to the nitty-gritty, it turned out he had accumulated a few bad habits, one of which specifically led to his algae issues without a doubt: Sloppy feeding! Obviously, you’ve heard me rant about water changes and why I think they are so great, so I’m not going to touch on them today. Rather, I’m going to focus very succinctly on one of the easiest ways to PREVENT problems in the first place: feeding carefully. Let me clarify one thing…in our commercial operation, we are dumping significant food inputs into our raceways, but we are also changing large quantities of water on a weekly basis. We are careful about how we feed, administering the food and not the fluids that it’s contained in whenever possible. You should do this, too More: Feed Like A Geek. Your Reef Will LOVE You For It!

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