Red Fish, Blue Fish, Dr Seuss Fish! (Belonoperca Pylei)

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Red Fish, Blue Fish, Dr Seuss Fish! (Belonoperca pylei) One of the least likely fish to appear in your LFS is the Dr. Seuss fish. In fact, you will not find but an extremely limited amount of information about this particular species on the internet. Scuba divers are not even lucky enough to encounter these rare creatures without exceeding dangerous depths that require special equipment. The Dr. Seuss Fish actually lives with an amazing assortment of rare fish, some not yet identified! A colorful assortment of chromis, groupers, and even the extremely rare Peppermint Angelfish hang out down here with Belonoperca pylei. They say pictures speak a thousand words, well this fish speaks a thousand words that rhyme. Named after his cartoonish appearance, the Dr. More: Red Fish, Blue Fish, Dr Seuss Fish! (Belonoperca Pylei)

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