CYANORRA SUCKER: Getting Rid Of Cyanobacteria Algae

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Cyanobacteria is said to be responsible for the end of Oxygen intolerant life forms on the planet Earth. Before our atmosphere was extremely low on Oxygen. The Bacteria is photosynthetic, which means it turns light into energy, making Oxygen as a biproduct. After the Cyanobacterias first Earthly epidemic the composition of our atmosphere transformed into the Oxygen rich air we know today. Today’s plants are even thought to have evolved from early forms of Cyanobacteria. This photosynthetic life form can live literally anywhere that has any amount of moisture present, the ocean, the lake, a pond, moist concrete, and even on glaciers! Cyanobacteria is also found in our aquariums. The kinds we see in the tank are usually black, blue, green, or red and look like slime. It can spread over corals, rocks, clams, and even turbo snails can get covered by it More: CYANORRA SUCKER: Getting Rid Of Cyanobacteria Algae

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