Feeding The Finicky Fish

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So you got yourself a fish and he doesn’t want to eat that delicious pack of mysis shrimp that the rest of your tank inhabitants love, and even fight over. What ever shall you do?! Well first let us take a look at why a fish would not want to eat. Fish caught from the wild often hunt for live food or are accustomed to a particular species of algae or seaweed from their environment. Fiji’s ocean has much more food to choose from then the box of water I have here in Indiana, even when I over feed. One reason a fish may not accept your food is because you simply do not have what they are used to. It is like a kid picking out food at a foreign restaurant for their first time…they just want the grilled cheese sandwich! psychedelic wrasse image via reef2reef member Soccerbag Sometimes a quick fix is to change food! If your fish doesn’t want to eat frozen food you may have to try live stuff. More: Feeding The Finicky Fish

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