What Fish NOT To Get: How To Know

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For starters, This is no home for a tang!!! World’s Smallest Reef Tank image via reef2reef member jjreeftank Are you considering a stocking list for your aquarium? Probably not. If you are like most hobbyists you wish for fish but buy what you have available during that spontaneous moment, often leading to a future of regret and endless nights trying to capture your mistake. If you have not been in that situation than you are one of the few who do actually plan! We can’t all spend hours researching and not everyone has access to a reliable saltwater expert that isn’t just trying to sell something. There are a few things to rule out over all other reasons NOT to get that fish. Here are some issues other people have had with spontaneous purchases: Annoying things your livestock does and stupid mistakes. Size Matters How large does the fish at hand grow to More: What Fish NOT To Get: How To Know

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