CORAL Featured Video: Nathan Gist’s 210-G Reef

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Checking back in on Nathan’s Mixed Reef Aquarium – 2013 Update

It’s been a year since we last took a look at el presidente Nathan’s reef system. The coral growth is amazing and the reef as a whole has developed nicely. Link to last year’s tank: Check out for information or if you want to buy corals for your reef tank.

Checking back in on Nathan’s Mixed Reef Aquarium – 2013 Update Very impressive 210-gallon (795-liter) reef aquarium created by Nathan Gist, with narration by Than Thein of Tidal Gardens in Copley, Ohio.  The same tank, one year earlier below. Says Than: “Nathan’s tank is a custom 210-gallon Aquarium Glass Exhibits (AGE) mixed reef. It measures 72″ x 30″ x 22″ and contains a wide variety of both fish and corals. Nathan has excellent taste in both fish and coral evidenced by a plethora of uncommonly seen inhabitants. There are some incredibly rare fish such as blue star wrasses and orange-spot file fish as well as some of the most interesting color morphs of beautiful corals such as Pavona, Leptoseris, and Blastomussa. “It is amazing that Nathan is a relative newcomer to the reef aquarium hobby having started only two years ago. I think most will agree that he has put together a wonderful display tank that is sure to be the envy of many a seasoned aquarist.” MORE: CORAL Featured Video: Nathan Gist’s 210-G Reef

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