Spreading The Goods: Giving Coralline Algae A Kickstart

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Coralline algae is a very beneficial life form that most reefers want in their tanks. It can come in many colors and some even forms interesting branching shapes. It can encrust on just about anything. After a while, cleaning it can actually become an extra task on the weekly maintenance list. For those of you who are not to this level of growth or just starting a tank there is a great way to get those white rocks as purple as a grape. coralline covered rock image via http://blog.marinedepot.com LOCATING First you will need to find some awesome colored seeder rock or rubble. If you find multicolored rocks you will have multiple colors of coralline for your tank. Gather as many pieces as you want and keep them wet until you get home. SEEDING Take your rocks and a razor blade and start chipping the coraline into the tank. You might consider turning off the pumps while you do this if you are trying to aim. More: Spreading The Goods: Giving Coralline Algae A Kickstart

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